About us

Introducing Smart Continent
Smart Continent is policy research and management consulting interdisciplinary firm owned by employee.  Our research resulted arguments and evidence based advice contributes to the sustainable development for such sectors as efficient and renewable energy, carbon-less and non-toxic environment, green, safe and secure mobility & logistics. We also closely dealing with socioeconomic and inclusiveness driven scientific areas as innovations, education and culture.  We are located in North Europe and operate in Vilnius and Riga’s offices which works as separate legal entity. We are in the national markets since 2005, but real growth corresponds with  European level projects since 2012.
Our mission
Smart Continent aspires for a strong position in European market by delivering premium-class professional services. Our mission is strengthening European policy makers, governments and companies in decision making, transition and growth. We support fair and integrated development and continuously increased perception of quality and cohesion in every economic and social sector of the continent.

We run our business with honesty and respect for the interests of those with whom we have relationship, however we are completely independent form any political movement or industry. Smart Continent complies with the laws and regulations at national as well as international level. We believe in fair competition and we support the development of appropriate competition laws. Our employees, partners, subcontractors, shall have equal opportunities. Responsibility, hard work, knowledge and skills are the key to our selection criteria for long term relationships.
Partners & Directors
Smart Continent standards are set high, for directors, project managers as well as for rest of staff in-house.  Our team members work under different types of contracts depending on their functions and expertise. We inspire our people to be a leaders in problem solving. Nevertheless our team member has different scientific interest and focuses however we are united by common world standard level policy making instruments, evaluations techniques, data collection and interpretation methodologies. We promote interdisciplinary exchange of  experiences and believe in values knowledge transfer among different sectors. 


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