What and how we do

Smart Continent business analytics services refer to formal statistical methods employing time series, cross-sectional or longitudinal data, or alternatively to less formal judgmental methods. Smart Continent use qualitative and quantitative forecasting techniques. Qualitative forecasting is subjective, based on the opinion and judgment of consumers, experts; they are appropriate when past data are not available. They are usually applied to intermediate- or long-range decisions. For qualitative forecasting we are using informed opinion and judgment, the Delphi method, market research, and historical life-cycle analogy. Quantitative forecasting models are used to forecast future data as a function of past data. Smart Continent appropriates this method when past data are available. These methods are usually applied to short- or intermediate-range decisions.

Before Smart Continent econometricians can make econometric modelling for our industry clients or public sector, they generally begin with an economic model, a theory of how different factors in the economy interact with one another in particular field. As example we measure past relationships among such variables as consumer spending, household income, tax rates, interest rates, employment, and the like, and then try to forecast how changes in some variables will affect the future course of others.

Smart Continent provides foresighting services in cases when traditional forecasting methods are impossible. With emerging technologies the future is totally unknown and unpredictable. Foresighting is gaining momentum as a social science research method to help anticipate issues arising from emerging technologies, influence policy-making, and shape a desirable future. Foresighting helps to contextualize.  With foresight Smart Continent takes a longer-term view – usually at least ten-thirty years away. Using foresight methods our clients can explore alternative futures and construct multiple scenarios. For foresighting Smart Continent uses such methods as scenario planning, Delphi surveys, and back-casting to current circumstances.

Smart Continent provides critical support by focus discussion on making a final decision. Also we create an analytically rigorous framework for comparing compelling alternatives, identifying high-value alternatives and their risks.