The quality standards are set high in Smart Continent. However, we have a curious, friendly and proud atmosphere based on commitment and responsibility and our minds are wide open to new ideas, new people, new challenges. We work in close co-operation with the foremost international and local companies as well as public institutes in Europe. We are the platform for innovative and competitive people whose dreams come true seeking of worldwide competition and appreciation in research and consulting.

We wish to attract employees whose talents and commitments are among the best available.If your ambition is to create and move ideas that really will influence society and quality of life you’ll need a global, successful and open-minded workplace where your talents really count. We are constantly interested in professionals who possesslong years experience in socio-economics sciences as well as in engineering, infrastructure, environment, energy, mobility and logistics. We are also seeking new talents who are just graduating for positions of young analysts. Our philosophy is long life team building process. We are always looking for gifted people because we know that high quality in our activity is based on the right people in our companies. Our team have got a well established contact with universities. People who are experienced or are partly employed in universities in area of research and education are welcomed to join our team.