What and how we do?

There is significant potential for reducing consumption, especially in energy-intensive sectors such as buildings (especially old fashion housing in eastern Europe), manufacturing, energy conversion and transport. Renewable sources of energy – wind power, solar power (thermal and photovoltaic), hydro-electric power, tidal power, geothermal energy and biomass – are an essential alternative to fossil fuels. Promotion and justification of renewables are placed in research agenda of Smart Continent. It is in line with increasing of Europe independence on imports of fossil fuels (in particular oil and gas).
Smart Continent participates actively in European and National research programmes as project partner or consortium leader. Smart Continent contributes in Horizon 2020 Clean Secure and Efficient Energy programme topics projects and proposals.  We support demonstration, innovation and market-uptake actions across different low-carbon energy sectors, notably in the core priorities identified in the Energy Union Strategy.