Smart Continent is a private research institute established in 2005. In 2023, Smart Continent has accumulated 18 years of experience as a consulting firm that has conducted economic research for public authorities and provided public policy consulting and evaluation services. Since 2011, Smart Continent began to actively participate in the projects of the European Commission’s scientific programs. Successful EU research projects such as AP2050, METPEX, SUITS, PORTIS, TINNGO, DISTENDER, and others have encouraged Smart Continent to focus more on knowledge creation than just application. The European Union Research and Technological Development Program – FP7, Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe projects became not only a mark of prestige that helped Smart Continent stand out from consulting companies but also trained experts who took the path of research.

The Smart Continent Institute conducts research in two areas. Techno-economic research scientists focus on finding sustainable transport, energy and climate change management solutions. Socio-economic experts mainly work in the fields of social inclusion, equal opportunities, and gender equality. Research and innovation projects are carried out either under the funding of scientific programs, financed by public authorities in the planning or ex-ante/ex-post evaluation of public policy interventions. Smart Continent contributes significantly to developing evidence-based policy instruments and advises central and regional authorities.

The Smart Continent Institute implements projects independently or with international research centers and universities. The Smart Continent Institute is located in Vilnius and has 20 in-house researchers.