Quality assurance

The quality of research conducted at Smart Continent is ensured in several ways. The institute is certified according to the ISO 9001 quality management standard. To additionally ensure the quality of the execution of research projects, we apply the best project management practices. Our senior researchers are certified according to international project management systems such as PMI-PMBOK and IPMA.

Moreover, we use the AGILE methodology for commissioned research. The institute has developed the ASCOR – Analysis, Slides, Communication, Outlines, Report methodology, which, based on AGILE principles, allows for several iterations and meets the client’s needs. Often, during the research, the client is not able to immediately formulate the research task, especially in cases where there is a lot of uncertainty and the field of scientific research is on the edge of novelty. When applying frontier research, the client often learns, together with the researchers, and refines his needs during the study. The ASCOR methodology is very suitable for this.

Applying the inflexible PMI-PMBOK or IPMA project management methodology in combination with AGILE methods is a big challenge. Still, it helps to move forward in creating new knowledge while maintaining the research budget and schedule.