What and how we do

Smart Continent offers a range of services that can diagnose and solve complex of operational problems in wide range of industries and public bodies. We assist our clients with LEAN operations assessment and planning as well as LEAN strategy development. We apply fundamentals of efficiency management theory by tailored approach individually for each case. Our experience across industries and geographies allows us to perform diagnostics quickly that help companies achieve sustainable improvements. Using the cash and capabilities assessment to focus on areas with the most potential for generating results, our clients avoid the extra cost and time of training and deploying more teams than absolutely required.

A key component of any Smart Continent LEAN implementation plan is that it includes tangible financial savings. While lean transformation requires much more than a focus on financial performance, it is our view that focusing on the numbers will create a healthy sense of urgency across the organization, as well as energize all levels once kaizen efforts begin showing results. In our view this should take a few short weeks and not months or more.

Smart Continent also assists in preparation and implementation of following standards: ISO 9001 Quality-based Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Standard, IS0 26000 Social Responsibility Standard and others.

Smart Continent quality management services ensure the effective design of processes that verify customer needs, plan product life cycle and design, produce and deliver the product or service. We are working in wide range of industries to ensure quality planning, assurance and control. This also incorporates measuring all process elements, the analysis of performance and the continual improvement of the products, services and processes that deliver them to the customer. Quality management is also referred to as business management or integrated management.

Smart Continent properly implemented and effective business management system of our clients identifies and manages organisational risks to ensure that:

  • the organisation consistently delivers the products and services that customers want, when they want them and to the quality they expect;
  • customer satisfaction and loyalty is improved;
  • organisational goals and objectives are achieved;
  • organisational risk is identified and effectively managed;
  • products, services and the processes that deliver them to customers are continually improved through innovation;
  • waste throughout the organisation is identified and eliminated;
  • partnerships and the supply chain deliver value to the parties involved.