What and how we do

In a dynamically developing society formulating and implementing optimal policies can be hard enough. The question we are solving is how to assess projects value, efficiency, effectiveness.  No longer are stakeholders prepared to accept only product progress indicators and crude accounting ratios as measures of achievement.  Our reports and insights are helping tools for policy makers and managers to get a grip on the execution of activities and to determine whether the right course is chosen.  Appropriate instruments and methods are selected for each assignment. Usually we are using aproach and listed in EVALSED. The problems tree, reconstruction of intervention logic, contra-fact analysis, CBA are several in the scope of methods we are implementing.

The evaluations are conducted for National policies as well as for EU Structural funds such as Cohesion fund for 2007-2013 and funds for 2014-2020 (ex-ante). Impact assessment is making strong headway in the policy cycle and strategic decisions. The main aim of impact analysis is to map out the expected effects of intended strategies and policies.

Smart Continent provides benchmarking services which helps our clients better understand how efficiently different parts of activity are operating by comparing process performance to competitors. Benchmarking can help a country or region policy makers to understand what other countries and regions doing, and how its own policy performance and investments measure up. Benchmarking helps to define norm not only in global terms, but for a specific political, economic, social, cultural context attributes. Smart Continent can help executives compare their policy performance against other countries and regions performers. Smart Continent approach uses highly structured process taxonomies. No matter how different the sectors or institutions are our analysis will provide an “apples-to-apples” comparison.